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When the time goes by but that moment stay

So simple and yet so complex as a watch. The perfect balance between tradition innovation comes together in the creation of a minimalist and timeless watch that has arrived to set a before and after

Create moments

Sometimes you need to make it simply perfect.

Time is by your side

Make that moment eternal and save it forever.

Brightly and Magically

Because we think in generalities, but live in details.


A woman is not what she wears, but a jewel can evoke the essence of the woman who wears it. Do you know the satisfaction of giving an object all your vitality? An exchange without comparison. Definately never something so small made you feel so unique.


The right combination of the proper jewelry can result in the perfect outfit for a special moment. There are timeless jewels, for women who will leave their mark on the world . Like Audrey Hepburn said: “Life is a party, you dress for it”

Designs at the forefront

Our designs and brands have an accurate work that makes them unique. Exceptional creation processes, innovation to the last piece, novelty in materials and cutting edge and design. It is that simple.


“The quality of their pieces is easy to see at first sight. At last, that is what counts”

“Un trato increíble que inspira confianza. Comprar una joya es algo importante y en Bannatyne le dan la importancia que merece”

“Accurate service like a watch. The quality is wear a Bannatyne watch on your wrists during years”

What means 18 carat gold or fine gold?

It is denominated fine gold or gold of 18 carats to the alloy obtained from 1000 grms. of pure gold, and that results by mixing 750 grms. fine gold and 250 grms. of silver alloy, copper, palladium … .etc.

This results in a harder, more consistent and easier to work metal, as well as a tone more similar to the desired one.

What means sterling silver?
It is denominated sterling silver or 925 mm. to the alloy obtained from 1000 grms. of pure silver, and which results by mixing 925 grms. of fine silver and 75 grms. of coppermade. This results in a harder and easier to work with silver.
What is the difference between a diamond and a precios stone?
The diamond is the generic name of the mineral whereas bright is a carving of the diamond.
How long is the warranty on Bannatyne watches?
Bannatyne watches have a 24-month guarantee against any manufacturing defect. This guarantee does not cover the logical deterioration of the watch or its belt.