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Menottes Dinh Van R12 cord bracelet

Menottes Dinh Van R12 cord bracelet

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Symbol of union, rebellious and whimsical spirit. An emblematic dinh van bracelet.

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Menottes Dinh Van R12 cord braceletMenottes Dinh Van R12 cord bracelet€1,290.00

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Rose gold

The dinh van creations are made in 18 CT gold. It is a standard of French jewelry.
A dinh van jewelry is fragile and must be treated with the utmost care. A few simple gestures and precautions will allow you to preserve the beauty and brilliance of your dinh van jewelry.
We recommend avoiding shocks and the risk of scratches that could alter the appearance of your jewelry.
We recommend that you avoid wearing accumulated jewelry that could be damaged by friction.

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Pink gold
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